Social Media Manager Training in Singapore

According to the Inc.Magazine 91% of all business are attempting to
use social media to promote themselves in 2010..


That’s over 30,000,000 business in the U.S alone and with only a
Handful of people are familiar with what social media is all about.

..experts are estimating the demand for social media managers may be as high as 10,000 to 1
(Them’s pretty good odds if you ask me..)

That means the current supply of social media managers can’t possibly meet the DEMAND from small businesses..

..and there’s one big reason why ..

The yellow pages is dead
Nobody reads newspapers
Radios have been replaced by Mp3’s and satellite radio

All commercial free!

Small businesses have no way left to promote themselves that works
Other than social media

That’s why smart small business are moving their advertising budgets
to social media and engaging social media managers to take up the task of monitoring their social media.

Remembe the second part of Inc
..the part where it talked about how social media is actually working for small business

Now that business owners know they can get a positive R.O.I.,
They all want more ..

And they are telling their friends and collegues

I think you all agree this is the beginning of Tidal wave
But there is one big problem
Well actually, three problems

Problem #1 Business owners don’t understand how social media works or how to use it in effective way.

Problem #2 Business owners don’t know what to say to their customers to get them to
make contact and spend money with them with out sounding like jerks.

Problem #3 Business owners have to run their business and don’t have time to stop
Running business and screw around on twitter and facebook.

First, the system includes a 4 part easy-to-follow training delivered by experts in Social Media that stretches over 2 days.

PART ONE: Getting Started

The Outlook of Social Media Marketing in 2011

Social Media Strategic Planning – Part 1

Social Media Strategic Planning – Part 2

Building a user-friendly Social Networking System and Roadmap for Your Clients

Social Networking Management Tips, Tools & Tactics

PART TWO: Let’s Network: Maximize Your Client’s Potential in LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook

LinkedIn Tools and Best Practices

Twitter Success Strategies – Part 1

Twitter Success Strategies – Part 2

Facebook Marketing – Part1

Facebook Marketing – Part 2

PART THREE: Going Local and Building Social CommunityLeveraging Social Media for the Local Business

Social Media Tools for the Local Business

Building Effective Community (Online Reputation Management) – Part 1Building Effective Community (Online Reputation Management) – Part 2Making Sense of Social Media Measurement & Analytics

PART FOUR: Video Marketing / Building a Social Media Content Strategy

Create an easy to implement Video Marketing Strategy

YouTube Marketing and Video Sharing in 2011

The Power of FREE Content Distribution in the Social Media Realm – Part 1

The Power of Free Content Distribution in the Social Media Realm – Part 2

Marketing Strategies for reaching the two hottest clients in 2010.