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If you’re looking to bring your product, service or brand into Facebook for the first time, or if you’re already there but struggling to make it work, then we can help you.

Using a combination of creative advertising, design and social media functionality in our facebook marketing, we can successfully introduce, or re-introduce, your own unique business, brand or product into the social media platform of Facebook.

We provide a full service suite and are here to help with anything from setting up a Facebook Business Suite to running an International campaign,

Facebook Campaign Creation

For us to create a successful campaign, the process always starts with your core business or brand identity. This is what we must begin to understand if we are to effectively introduce it into Facebook. It’s only by doing so that we can begin to see what it is about the brand that will be of most interest and relevance to the targeted Facebook user.

With this process unfolding, we can begin to look at your demographic target market whilst honing in on the relevant interest groups in relation to your business or brand.

We’ll then move on to conceptualising the promotional campaign. Depending on the differing core demographics and interest groups, this could be either a single promotion or a multiple series of promotions targeting different groups at different times. However, at the centre of every promotion is the need to convert the highest number of predisposed core customers from casual viewers to actual fans, whilst making the most of facebook marketing advertising budget.

Once the concept has been agreed on, the Landing Pages will be designed, created and installed. This leads naturally into the creation of the advertising campaign that will be designed to target the customer’s location, their demographic and their interests groups.

When everything is agreed and in place the Promotional Landing Page will be set to become the default landing page for your site and the Facebook advertising campaign will be started.

As your fan base rapidly begins to grow, we can then advise on how best to communicate; what information to share and how often to share it. It is by regularly communicating and sharing information with your fan base that you will start to build a long and lasting relationship with them. It is therefore important to neither say too little, nor share too much, but to always maintain the right balance of information shared through your news feed.

If you’d like to discuss how we can work together to make your business or brand a success on Facebook with our Facebook Marketing solutions, Contact us

Facebook Marketing Singapore