Hidden Story Power

How to Use Your Story To Create
Authenticity, Authority & Income

Once I began telling my story in my business, everything changed…
– Haridas Menons

Everyone has stories that will resonate with other people. You just need to learn how to find & tell them in a way that generates authenticity, authority and income.

In this program you’re going to learn:

  • How to pick the right story for the right place, how to tell and structure it to inspire the receiver to take the massive action you want
  • How to use your story literally everywhere in your business (your website, social media, emails, products) so that you grow a group of true believers fast who’ll “fall in love” with your message and literally “sell themselves” on doing business with you (for life)
  • How to leverage the ancient power of storytelling to easily stand out from your competition and naturally be perceived as the Leader of your industry or niche.

No matter your background or experience. You just need to follow along with this training to find the hundreds of powerful stories inside of yourself that will help your audience connect deeply and take massive action.

What You’ll Receive When You
Invest In Hidden Story Power

You’ll receive 15 hours of training on your Hidden Story, consisting of six 2-3 hour training sessions. Along with each training session you’ll receive support worksheets and exercises to do, plus you can download the videos and audios of each session.

SESSION 1: “The Secret Life Of Your Story”

We’ll be covering why story is vital, why it works, and how to use your story to position you to maximum effect.

SESSION 2: “Uncovering Your Hidden Story”

You’ll learn how to recognize and draw out compelling & inspirational story threads from your life experience that will have universal appeal.

SESSION 3: “Expressing Your Hidden Story”

Discover the essential tools to structure and language your story so that it can’t be ignored.

SESSION 4: “Capturing Your Hidden Story On Video”

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Haridas Menons shares everything she knows about how to tell your story on video in way that will automatically and effortlessly build a tribe.

SESSION 5: “Sharing Your Hidden Story in Email and Social Media”

Copywriter Murray Gray reveals how to “chunk down” your story into bite-size, episodic pieces you can deliver through email and social media that will intrigue, entice & engage, boosting your clicks, “likes” and shares.

SESSION 6: “Talks, Training and Info Products that ‘Stick’7

Your audience will remember THREE TIMES more of what you say when you wrap your expertise in story. This session will give you the tools to make your talks, training and products more inspirational, memorable & fun! Be the trainer & speaker they love, value and refer.
In Addition to These Powerful 15 Hours of
In-Depth Story Training
You’ll Also Receive
FIVE Valuable Bonuses

BONUS #1:   Access to our Private Facebook Group

You’ll also receive complimentary access to the private Facebook group only for Hidden Story Power students and alumni.

Imagine having access to not only me on tap but also the brains of 100+ graduates of the Hidden Story Power program!

Over the past 6 months, my brilliant and generous students have turned this group into a resource that will quickly become indispensable as a go-to resource like no other for instant feedback on your story ideas & structure.

In fact, many of my students have stated publicly on the group that they would have paid the cost of the program just to get into the group! This has to be my favorite bonus!

Valued at $47 / mo

BONUS #2:   Video Story Showcase

We’ve spent HOURS scouring the Internet for great examples of businesses telling their story on video and found more than 50 amazing examples that we’ve collected together into a “Story Showcase” in the membership area.

We dissect each one, show you how they’re telling their story, what they’re doing and give you the key takeaways for each. This will be a huge inspiration for you as you begin to make your way with story.

Valued at $49

BONUS #3:   Matthew Peters “Mobile Video Ignition for YouTube”

Now that you’re creating your amazing Hidden Story video, you’ll need to know more about creating pro-quality videos with your iPhone, SmartPhone or Tablet! Matthew Peters of Expert Video Empire has given us access to the YouTube module of this training series valued at $97.

Valued at $97

BONUS #4:   Steven Washer’s “The Video Brain”

By employing its friendly approach to mastery, complete The 8-step Video Brain takes you from novice shooter to pro videographer in just 29 days. It will teach you the core principles of production that apply across the entire video universe. You will gain specific tools that will make your productions look as professional as they need to in any given situation and you’ll have the flexibility to change styles as easily as you can say “Roll ‘em!”

The truth is, there are only a modest number of things you need to be able to master. This book focuses on those needed concepts. And that makes it very different from other things you’ve studied. How many times have you started learning something, then given up because it was too difficult, too time-consuming, too complicated? You could certainly be forgiven for putting video into that category.

Until now. The Video Brain is different. It’s completely un-intimidating. Tender, bite-sized lessons take you gently from a complete novice to a real videographer, starting with the buyer’s guide and taking you seamlessly into the shooter’s bible, in 8 easy lessons.

Valued at $47

BONUS #5:   The “Ariella Approach” Vocal Exercises & Warmups

Most people neglect their voice and forget to warm up before they get in front of the camera and as a result their performance isn’t as powerful as it could have been.

Award-winning performer and International authority on Vocal Empowerment, Ariella Forstein of The Ariella Approach has agreed to share with Hidden Story Power students her yet-to-be-released “Vocal Warm-Up Essentials” album. This CD retails at $19, but it’s yours free as part of Hidden Story Power.

Valued at $19

Haridas Menons
Founder Cash Cow Consulting