Facebook officially the leader?

It will be a while before we in Singapore get to see this in action. But the race is on.

That’s right folks! Facebook is officially the leader of the pack. In terms of its usage stats as well as in the innovation department. Facebook marketing experts in Singapore are waiting to see how this plays out.

On the sidelines, watching in, are also search engine marketing experts in Singapore and around the world.. They are working to incorporate these latest changes to their clients site.

Google announced the introduction of the +1 feature for it’s search results recently. Well, what it is in a single word is – the LIKE feature in Facebook. Boo Hooo Google! FB has had this since it’s inception.

search engine expert singapore

facebook marketing expert singapore

Ok…maybe in terms of usage Google has managed to sugar coat the description. +1 allows users to share the desired search results with friends and contacts provided they are signed in to their google account.

And apparently, depending on its popularity (it’s being slowly rolled out), +1 will be one of the criterias for the search result rankings of your website.

This gives your business more of a reason to have as much interactive as possible on your website. Be it in your copywriting or in other online marketing method.

The only snag I see is that, users need to be logged into Google account to be able to click on the +1 button. I don’t know about you, but i seriously do not have a habit of logging in to Google before I make a search. My search habits are impulsive and at random. As opposed to signing in to FB to chat with friends. the basic premises of FB is to link with friends which is vastly different doing a search. Let see how this word out


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