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mobile marketing

Is your website mobile phone and smartphone ready?  Mobile marketing is all about having a mobile friendly website.
If not, why are you not interested to get your presence on mobile properly and professionally felt on the smartphones? Smartphones have the ability to search and browse just like a PC. So people are instantly searching to get what they want at an instant.

According to a ST report on 15th April, 2010, up to 80% of the handsets
sold in Singapore are smartphones. That means for every 10 phones
sold, 8 are smartphones. Add to that it is estimated that there are more than 1 Million iPhone users in Singapore.  The future is about mobile marketing.

And as you already know people are searching for you business online, no matter where they are. Your potential customers are already looking for you on their smartphones leading to your mobile marketing opportunity.

Click on this link to see how your site looks on smartphones…

As you can see for yourself, if your site is not mobile friendly, the site looks terrible and very cumbersome for users of smartphones.

As a premium service or product provider, you image and branding is at stake when users find a non mobile friendly when they search on smartphones. That’s is why, organizations like Yahoo, Google, Facebook and many others have a mobile friendly site. Your company will need to keep up and be at the fore front of latest communication with customers. You need to use mobile marketing.

Users are not gong to have the patience to scroll up and down and left and right to find information they need. The will switch off and go to the next site…which happens to be your competitor.

You don’t want that to happen, do you?

Because of that, sites built for mobile viewing needs to be:

1) The site needs to be simple. Mobile users tend to want information much
faster than a typical computer-based web surfer. The phone screen is
small, and there is only room for the most important information.

2) The site should offer clear information regarding contacting the business.

One of the most common reasons someone would search for a business on a phone is to find the business. You will want to make sure you do everything you can to have this clearly stand out.

3) Present the main business message quickly. The attention span of the mobile user can be quite short. I ask my clients, “if you only had 10 seconds to tell someone about your business, what would you say?”

4) Offer a “call” button, as well as the ability to get immediate directions to the website, if it is a retail website. Again, this comes down to making things as easy as possible for your mobile visitor, to encourage them to come into your business.

We are experts in getting your websites ready for mobile phones and smartphones in Singapore with our mobile marketing solutions.

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