How To Claim Your Google Places Page For Your Local Business in Singapore and Malaysia

Search engine optimization for Google Places, Malaysia

1. If you do not already have a Google id you would need to create one. Go here: to create your Google id.

Side note: You don’t necessarily need to have a Google email account, any email account will do. But we will be doing more things to get you on the search engine pages that would need a Google account, so I highly recommend that you sing up with Google now.

Google Places Optimization Starts Here

2. Now once you are either logged into your Google account go to Google Maps and type in your business. Here is the link for Google Maps:

3. Now click on your businesses name once you find it. In this example I use a Printing Services near Klang, Selangor Malaysia. Sometimes you may not see you business listing there. If this happens, then you have your work cut out for you. I will explain how to handle that in another post.

How to Claim Google Places: Malaysia

4. Now that you have arrived at your Google Places page click on the link which says “Business Owner.” (see Cursor Arrow on the screen shot below – to the right of the image)

How To Claim Google Places: Singapore

5. Now edit your listing. It may seem like you cannot edit your listing but you can go ahead and do so. Then Google will either send you a pin by phone or postcard to confirm your listing. Once your listing is confirmed it will appear live on Google Places.

6. But before you go about happy triggering, remember that there is more to this than meets the eye.

There are thousands of businesses out there claiming their Google Places, but there are only at most 7 listing that will appear on the first page to get the millions of eyeballs.

So believe you me, you are better off getting a professional do this for you.

See what a Google Places Optimization Service menu is all about.


Have a good supply with you at all times, and use them whenever and wherever you can. You never know who your next client is.