Top 20 best funded startups in Singapore

Top 20 Startups in SingaporeHaving successfully diversified its economy, Singapore has become a regional and global hub for technology and startups. It is now home to one of the most developed startup eco-system in Asia, with an ever-growing number of companies using the country as a base to manage their operations in the region and beyond. The startups and … Continue reading Top 20 best funded startups in Singapore

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Mobile Search Drives Valuable Outcome For Your Business

mobile-search Technological advent brought about the massive use of mobile devices all over the world. People nowadays prefer tablets and smart phones more than desktop computers for their school work or office work. Do you have a smart phone you use for browsing the web? If yes, then, you’re one of them! You’re one of the many people who make use of their mobile devices in searching things online. In fact, mobile search surpassed desktop search now! [Read more…]

Attracting Customers with a Profitable Website Vol 1.

In this digital age where almost everyone is wired,  most people turn to the Internet to search for LOCAL products and services.  Long gone are the days when people pick up the Yellow Pages first to find what they need.

Think about it… when is the last time you picked up yours? Wait, do you even have a copy of Yellow Pages? [Read more…]