Attracting Customers with a Profitable Website Vol 3.

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Today, let’s discuss the power of a ‘call to action’ and what results it can bring for your business.


Strong Call-To-Action

Every page on your website should have a call-to-action, which is something that tells your visitors what you want them to do.  Depending on your type of business, this could vary.

Some businesses want their prospects to call them, some want them to email them, and some want them to come into their establishment.

Whatever you want your website visitors to do, put this on your website and make it stand out.

This probably sounds like basic information, but you’d be surprised at the number of businesses who do not have a call-to-action on their websites.

Call-to-actions have proven to help businesses convert more website visitors into actual, paying customers. Some people simply need to be told what to do when they hit your site – and it works!

Whichever call-to-action you use, just be sure to make it stand out and available on every page of your website.

The ideal place for a call-to-action is in your website header… this way, it will be shown at the top of every page of your website.

Also include the pertinent information they will need in order to perform that call-to-action.

For instance, don’t just say “Call Us Today!”…

Instead, say, “Call Us Today at XXX-XXX-XXXX!”…

Include your phone number – don’t make them search for it.

If you want them to come into your establishment, don’t just say “Come See Us Today!”…

Instead, say, “Come See Us Today at XXX Main Street City, State!”

Again, make it as easy as possible for them to act.

Speaking of contacting you…

Make sure that all methods of contact are easy for your visitors to see on all pages of your website. Some business owners make the mistake of only putting their contact information on their “Contact Us” page.

However, your contact information should be on all pages of your site to make it easy for your customers and prospects to get in touch with you.

It is very frustrating to land on a website home page only to find out that their contact phone number is not there… and now you have to search for it!

Also be sure to put a contact form on your Contact Us page so visitors can reach you right from your website.

This will give your visitors a variety of options when it comes to contacting you.

Once they fill out and submit the form, you will receive a notification at the email address you tie to the form.


In the next post, we’ll learn more about what sort of killer content you need for your website to pull in the leads.

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